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Artifacts are items that can be found and collected in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. They are located in the The Zone and can be turned into Pripp at Pripp's Place for Artifact points that can be spent on Artifact skills.

Artifact locations[]

Road to Eden[]

Name Value Guarded Location
Boom Box 1 No East Outpost
Far-Looker 1 Yes Hammon's Cabin
Hipster Fruit Tester 1 No Fallen Angel
Power Brick 1 No Sea Titans
Defribrillator 1 No House of Bones
Cold Box 1 No Izza and Fala
Melting Tool 1 No Scraplands
El Generator 4 Yes Horned Devil
Lux's Lights 1 Yes Castle of Light
Grogg Milker 1 No Grogg Den
Holy Book of Fixing +1 1 No World Ender
Kommode 64 1 Yes Forbidden City

Seed of Evil[]

Name Value Guarded Location
Hellraiser Grenade 1 Yes Mausoleum of Suburbia
Goddess of Hunger 1 Yes Hall of Electric Coffins
Luxus Hand Warmer 1 No The Frozen City
Bluebottle Wand 1 ??? The Last Stand

Thanks to Pink Rabbit Gaming for the detailed walkthrough on YouTube.