Dux is a character in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. His default weapon is the Crossbow. Dux appears to be the more sarcastic character of the group. His closest friend is Bormin and the two are the starting playable characters in the game. Increasing his stats will increase his health points and movement speed. 

Mutations[edit | edit source]

  • Skull Splitter - Minor - 100% Critical Chance with a 25% loss to accuracy. 3 kills to recharge.
    • Enhanced critical chance allows you to pop' the head of an enemy as easily as popping the boils on Bormin's back. This wild behaviour will cost you some accuracy.
  • Knee Shot - Minor - Disable an organic enemy's movement for 2 turns. 2 kills to recharge
    • No knee, no problem! You are able to knock the patella off an enemy's leg with a single shot, preventing movement for 2 turns. Affects organic enemies only.
  • Moth Wings - special ability - Greatly increases Dux's critical chance to hit. 3 kills to recharge.
    • You have the ability to grow wings on your back. This enables you to move vertically and hover in position. Giving you a tactical advantage over enemies beneath you. This also allows you to get to high places which would normally be out of reach.
  • Circuit Breaker - Minor - Disable a mechanical enemy for 1 turn. 3 kills to recharge.
    • You have the ability to instantly identify and disable critical functioning parts of a mechanical enemy. Once shot they will be disabled for 1 turn.
  • Eagle Eye - Extra +25% Weapon Range
    • The lenses of your eyes begin to thicken and now you are able to see (and shoot) much further than you previously could, this greater visual range combined with the use of a ranged weapon could make you a formidable sniper.
  • Alpinist - 50% Critical Chance when shooting from High Ground
    • You have absolutely no fear of heights and can balance anywhere with ease making you a perfect 'Mountain Monkey' who gets 50% critical hit chance when firing at a target below.
  • Chameleon - Become invisible until you attack. 3 kills to recharge.
    • Your skin's cephalopod-like chromatophores can adapt to match your surroundings, resulting in you becoming barely visible to others in the smoggy darkness of the Zone.
  • Silent Assassin - Passive - Doubles critical chance when shooting whilst hidden
    • Like the dome-headed assassins of the past, you are able to do great damage whilst hidden from your target. That's as long as you hit... Man.

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