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Hammon's Cabin is a location in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. It is the location for the mission Investigate Hammon's Cabin and is located north of Ark Outskirts. Also accessible from this area is the The High Road. The Far-Looker Artifact can be found here.


Just north of the Ark on a steep cliff lies the outpost of Hammon the stalker. It is a simple wooden cabin that does not offer the occasional visitor much. This is where Hammon spends much of his time, always on the lookout for the unexpected?


  • In the forest to the west are two level 5 Zone Dogs

HammonsCabin Enemies 1.png

  • Just outside the cabin, a level 5 Shaman (drops Medkit) stands guard. Inside is a level 5 Hunter (drops Noatun - EMP 30) and behind there is a patrolling level 5 Marauder (drops Scrap x2).

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Points of Interest[]

  • Hammon's Cabin, the namesake of the area

HammonsCabin Cabin.png

  • A crashed MIMIR drone

HammonsCabin FallenDrone.png


  • Common Scrap (x4) - by the shack as enter from Ark Outskirts
  • Common Scrap (x4) - by the boat to the west
  • Common Scrap (x4) - near the boat to the west
  • Broken Gun (Weapon Parts x5) - house to the west
  • Broken Gun (Weapon Parts x5) - house to the west
  • Common Scrap (x4) - house to the west
  • Hand Grenade - skeleton in a chair next to house in the west
  • Old Tool Scrap (x6) - car next to skeleton in chair
  • Common Scrap (x4) - wall to the northeast
  • Broken Electronics (Scrap x8) - by the fallen MIMIR drone
  • Common Scrap (x4) - by the tent and bicycle in the Northeast corner
  • Zone Dog Camp - note behind the cabin
  • Broken Gun (Weapon Parts x5) - behind the cabin
  • Common Scrap (x4) - behind the cabin
  • Broken Electronics (Scrap x8) - inside the cabin
  • Far-Looker - just outside the cabin
  • Common Scrap (x4) - in front of the cabin
  • Noatun - EMP 30 - dropped by Hunter
  • Medkit - dropped by Shaman
  • Scrap (x2) - dropped by Marauder